Breakfast Quesadilla: Ooey Gooey Good

I’m sure I didn’t invent these, but I wish I had. These breakfast quesadillas take only a minute or two longer than toast, and you will feel ten times fancier.

Breakfast Quesadilla

Breakfast Quesadilla

• 1 whole wheat tortilla
• 1 tbsp. (approx) of nut butter
• 1/2 banana, sliced
• 1 tsp of honey (or less)

This recipe is for one, but obviously, it would scale very easily.

First I preheated my Cuisinart Panini Press. You could use any kind of indoor grill that works for you.

I used one large sized whole wheat tortilla to make my breakfast quesadilla. I spread one-half of it with almond butter. I added a sliced banana on top of that and gently mashed the banana down a bit into the almond butter. Drizzled with just a bit of honey, and then folded the tortilla in half. Placed on the grill. Waited about five minutes. Sliced, and devoured.

Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to bananas on this one. I think any fruit with a similar texture would work. I’d try peaches, sliced strawberries, mango, or even mashed up raspberries. Now I’m thinking raspberries or strawberries with chocolate-almond butter?

It also just occurred to me that if you wanted to be REALLY fancy (like, if you had guests or something) you could serve this with a fruit salsa and vanilla yogurt, to make it even more quesadilla-like. (To make the fruit salad, I would just dice some mixed fruit very finely and add a small squeeze of lime juice and maybe some mint, and let it all marinate a bit. ) Hmm, I am exciting MYSELF here. Excuse me while I go eat breakfast.

Stay tuned to SF curate for easy recipes like this. Cheers!

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