How To Rescue Produce That’s About To Go Bad

If you liked our breakfast quesadilla recipe, today I will share with you how you can rescue produce that’s about to go bad.

Has this ever happened to you? You spot a good deal on raspberries so you buy several pints of them with no real plan for what to do with them? Or you pick up a head of broccoli with the intention of making a stir-fry, but your honey comes home with a pizza instead?
fresh food

Now that produce is just sitting there in your fridge, threatening to go bad. Taunting you with its limited lifespan. Well, don’t worry — nature doesn’t have to win this one.

The solution? The freezer, of course!

Wash, dry, and peel/chop the produce however you’d want to eat it. For instance, I peel and chunk up bananas, or just chop up broccoli florets. Berries stay whole, peppers get sliced, etc.

If you want to get fancy, you can spread the product out on a clean baking sheet and freeze them that way. This keeps them from sticking together. Place in a freezer-safe storage bag once they’re completely frozen and use as required.

freezer-safe storage bag

Or you can do what I do, also known as the no-fuss method, and simply keep two big heavy-duty resealable bags in the freezer, one for fruits and one for veggies. Just add in (and use up) produce as necessary.

This method is fun because you can end up with huge varieties of fruits every time you make a smoothie — a couple chunks of pineapple, some strawberries, half a banana, and oh, a lonely little kiwi slice. Huge variety, no waste. Love.

(However, if you have, say, 4 pints of raspberries, you may want to freeze them all together in case you decide to do something specific with them. (Like to make a pie?)

Here’s more on how to freeze fresh fruits and veggies before they go bad


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